Prontopiso expands its funding with 1.6M of capital

Prontopiso expands its funding with 1.6M of capital to expand its agent platform and digitalize the sales process.

  • The investment ir’s going to maximize the growth of the agent network, which already exceeds 1,000 agents and more than 20,000 properties under management. The company expects to surpass 2000 agents and 50,000 properties in management before the end of the year.
  • Antai, together with JME, Inveready, Sabadell Venture Capital, MDV, Basil Cap and private investors of ANGELGATE have participated in this new investment in capital by 3M.
  • With this round Prontopiso wants to reach a sales rate of 100 properties per month.

Barcelona, October 7, 2020 – Prontopiso, the proptech company specialized in providing digital services to real estate agents and agencies, has announced a capital increase of 1.6M. This agreement, in which current and new partners are participating, allows the company to boost the growth of its agent network throughout Spain, where, through its own technological platform (Realtus), it already has more than 1,000 associated agents and more than 20,000 properties under management. This operation allows Prontopiso to gain financial muscle and continue to grow despite the current situation.

This operation will be designed to reinforce the business and continue to grow throughout all the national territory, as it currently includes more than 15,000 properties in almost all provinces. The technological platform allows the real estate agents to carry out most of the intermediation functions in a digital way allowing them to dedicate much more time to high-value tasks such as the management of buyers and owners. In addition, the platform allows to speed up sales and marketing through ProntoPiso’s brand with the best positioning elements in real estate portals and marketing tools (photos, maps and virtual tours).

According to Pla, the real estate sector is a huge sector. But one that has been very impervious to technology for a long time, making it still nowadays inefficient and highly fragmented.  Our real estate platform is the perfect combination of prime technology with the best professionals in the market to make the buying and selling of homes a perfect experience for agents and their clients. That is why more and more agents and agencies are joining ProntoPiso every day.  Our Realtus platform allows real estate agents and agencies to increase their productivity exponentially, focusing on the personalized management of buyers and homeowners, while all the support, publication, invoicing and document management tasks are handled very easily.

According to Paradinas, this new investment will also allow them to invest even more in technology, allowing the new entry of agents in any point of the Spanish market almost instantly, and providing a superior search and sales management for buyers and owners. Our vision is to go beyond a Marketplace and our commitment is to empower agents with the best technology so they can expand their operations and serve better their clients.

Since January of this year, Prontopiso has multiplied by more than 10 the volume of properties and is stepping on the accelerator to continue growing and face a possible internationalization.

Founded at the end of 2017 by Andres Pla and Diego Paradinas, Prontopiso has experienced a strong growth in the last year, having multiplied by 11 its figures. The company expects to close a very dynamic 2020 despite the current situation while continuing to expand throughout Spain by increasing properties and associated agents.

In addition, the startup has made public the announcement of Renata Sujto as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for increasing the activity and recurrence of Prontopiso’s agent base, managing operations for decision making, and creating processes based on business growth.

Renata has a degree in business administration from the Universidade de São Paulo, in Brazil, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. She started her career as a M&A consultant at Deloitte Consulting in 2008. She later joined the Brazilian real estate asset management company Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers as an asset pricing and real estate investment strategy analyst, then was a consultant and then a manager at McKinsey & Company, where she advised clients on digital transformations, international expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and investment strategy. In 2019, she joined Loft, a Brazilian real estate startup. Renata acted as head of operations, where she drew up and developed strategies to grow sales and improve the client experience.

In 2017 Prontopiso gathered 3 million euros between equity and debt to start operations. Antai Venture Builder, Global Founders Capital and the German investor Picus Capital attended this meeting. Public entities supporting entrepreneurship such as ENISA and ICF joined the financing.

With this 3 million capital investment with Antai, together with JME, Picus Capital, Inveready, Sabadell Venture Capital, MDV, Basil Cap and Lake Partners, has added to the 14 million debt financing line closed a few months ago, bringing ProntoPiso’s total financing to 25 million.