Alphapet is the leading online specialist retailer of premium pet care products in Germany. The animal food market potential is predicted to correspond to EUR 7 billion in 2020. The combination of an innovative Business Intelligence Software, its successful entry into the highly profitable market with its own brands (“Wildes Land”, “Natural”, “Wildcraft”, “Müller’s Naturhof”, “Primum” and “daily choice”) as well as its alliance with Pro7Sat1 represents a highly attractive USP in the steadily growing online pet care market.


In Germany, over 10 million parking lots are underused and poorly managed. Ampido is an online platform that enables landlords, car park operators, companies and private owners to rent out their unused parking lots in a highly flexible and profitable manner.
Additionally, it helps users to find and rent parking spots as they can book available private parking spaces, drive ways, and garages through their smartphones.


An online pharmaceutical marketplace. Enabling traditional offline pharmacies in Central and Eastern Europe an online sales channel with access to Apotekamo´s traffic.

Apotekamo pre-production launched 1st of May for production testing. Full soft-launch was on the 7th of May – after which there was seen amazing activity and engagement on the platform. During a COVID-19 and Post-COVID19 era online shopping will continue to grow to new heights, not to mention online shopping for pharmaceuticals.


Autoaid connects drivers to car dealers and workshops by retrofitting a small sim card based dongle to the diagnostic port of the car. The system is able to monitor car health and service status remotely and in real-time, keeping dealers and drivers informed about technical problems and service needs. Dealers are able to lead the customers back to their own workshops creating not only higher retention rates and turnover but also happier customers as their cars are kept safe and in best shape.


CheckMyBus is a bus meta-search engine for intercity bus trips all over the world. It helps you find best offers, cheapest tickets and most convenient journeys, showing real-time schedules and prices. With more than 500 bus operators and millions of weekly departures CheckMyBus gives the user access to the world’s largest virtual bus network.


Clevver offers worldwide virtual office services, post digitization, mail storage for both: businesses and individuals. Additionally, all addresses are prime located real street addresses. In addition the Clevver software is offered as a white label solution to other companies that need to manage digital postboxes and other virtual office services for their own clients.

Flash Coffee

Flash Coffee is one of Asia’s fastest growing tech-enabled coffee chains. We aim to democratise high-quality coffee to make it accessible to Asia’s rising middle class, and serve up an award-winning coffee menu curated by World Barista Champions at affordable prices. Customers can use the Flash Coffee app to order and pay online, choosing to pick up their order at one of our iconic yellow storefronts, or opt for delivery through major platforms in each market. on.


fundsUP ( is an A.I. boosted matchmaking platform that connects founders, investors and enterprises. The fast, fun, and friendly user interface of the application matches investors with high quality founders of young companies that could lead to investment deals. For investors, the platform offers unique company info such as previous investments, valuation, traction, business KPI’s and extreme relevant team info such as personality insights from founders.


GenXtreme and its team is aiming to build up the ZALANDO for workwear. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a EUR 5.8bn market in Germany alone, where so far only 3% are sold online. GenXtrems target group are craftsmen, Do-IT-Yourself and Outdoor fans in DACH region and the Netherlands. The company offers to its B2B customers best in class and fashionable products (multi brand) for distinct job profiles. Early 2018 the company started its own brand strategy “Forsberg” which combines innovatively designed and highly qualitative products which generate 70% margin.

High Performance Batteries

High Performance Battery Technology GmbH specializes in the research and development of high-tech batteries with a unique combination of performance data: non-flammable, deep-discharge resistant, durable, nearly constant capacity with nearly constant internal resistance, without raw material bottleneck and with significantly better environmental impact conventional lithium-ion batteries, ie 50% better environmental performance (eg 50% less CO2 equivalent over the life cycle, no cobalt included!).
Their newly developed solid-state battery accounts for the fifth generation of technological developments in battery systems: lead-acid (1880), nickel-cadmium (1900), nickel-metal hydride (1980) and lithium-ion (1990). Solid state battery (2018), called “High Performance Battery”.

Hybrid Lidar Systems

A human sees with its eyes and the machine of the future sees with the help of LiDAR. The hybrid lidar procedure is a new concept that is based on research and algorithms from Dr. Amr Eltaher. It combines the advantages of the two methods ToF (Time of Flight) and PV (Phase Shifting) and therefore is very unique in the market. Several patents have been filed and some more are still in the planning stage. These are mostly process patents, in contrast to product patents these are extremely difficult to circumvent. The process is technically proven by a demonstrator.


Investory is a data driven all-in -one startup investor relations platform. It is covering all the essentials like KPI Management, Reporting, Captable, Document sharing and more. The vision is to become the digital hub for successful startup investor relations – a vital need in a large and heavily growing industry and given recent regulation and technology trends (buzz words such as GDPR and big data/AI) it is one of the biggest opportunities today. Investory is a mainly organically and strongly growing company nearly doubling users every 6 month. Also seen first success with SaaS based freemium pricing to generate MRR. The growth so far was delivered by a very small core team, low burn rate and zero marketing spendings.


Delivery Glider AG is a technology company based in Switzerland with the ultimate aim of designing and developing high-end multipurpose drones. With the motto Delivery where it matters, when it matters, the company was founded in early 2021 by Herbert Weirather, an aerospace engineer and Mirko Cesena, a triple aerobatic helicopter world champion with an innovative concept for delivery that could out-perform its competitors. Currently, the company is making tremendous strides in the provision of healthcare, and emergency and courier services.


With Lano companies can grow global HR teams without hassle. Employees and freelancers can be hired or assigned seamlessly worldwide, while payments can be automated in different currencies at much lower cost. “Payroll as a service” for startups and multi-nationals! Lano is catering the steadily growing demand of home office and remote workers. With a hyper-growth from Zero to 6 Mio. ARR in 2 years the team aims to achive a similar steep increase for this year.


Libify Technologies GmbH develops and distributes mobile emergency, GPS and tracking systems. All products of Libify follow the users’ needs for more safety, independence, freedom and relief in everyday life. Core of the unique technology platform is a proprietary, patented AI based platform which, combined with a full stack solution in the PERS sector, represents an opportunity to address the constantly growing market for care and care related products, thus enhancing the active lifetime of seniors.


Lingoda is Europe`s leading tech powered online language school which offers courses taught exclusively by qualified, native speaking teachers. Language students from all over the world can book individual or group classes in English, German, Spanish and French. By offering courses in those languages, Lingoda meets the needs of about 85% of the language market.


Buying a good mattress is traditionally an expensive and stressful experience. Luuna, a Mexican based startup, offers a high quality mattress at half the price of its competitors and provides a great customer experience.

Maison Baum

After more than 4 years of intensive research a revolutionary concept for comfortable and elegant high heels with orthopaedic footbed can be offered – developed by the first fashion house with medical expertise.


Montredo is the trusted online shop for luxury watches. Certified luxury watches online below retail prices, 100% safe and no fakes. A trusted, premium tailored website.


MYNEWCAR.IN offers its customers new cars, accessories and related services like car finance, leasing, insurance combined with an easy and convenient purchasing experience. The mission is to simplify the car buying process to a joyful experience. Customers can search, compare and book their new car anytime and anywhere.


Berlin-based Myos is building the first global product-based working capital provider. Founded in 2018, the company continues to break new ground with its disruptive, AI-enabled risk scoring model. By leveraging the transparency and availability of data on e-commerce platforms, Myos evaluates credit risk based on sales potential of trading products. The financing is fast, risk-free and super flexible – without annuities, personal guarantees or impact on credit scores.


PlayPass offers a wristband that enables event organizers to manage crew, artists, and crowds. Made with an integration of RFID and NFC technology, it creates new ways for the public to interact with brands at events, both in person and via social media. The company’s products also facilitates cashless payments, accreditation management, access control and brand activation via social media.


Privus is a Swiss-based company, born out of the founders experience in real world digital surveillance and the urgent need to bring privacy back under control of the individual. The team develops full-spectrum, user-friendly solutions which guarantee security and privacy of all digital communications. Privus developed SecurLine to be the most advanced, secure, transparent, peer to peer call encryption app for smartphones that protects your communications from the most sophisticated adversaries, e.g. espionage, criminal hacking and mass surveillance.


Profishop is a single source B2B online procurement platform that provides its customers with corporate consumables. Without any stock or own inventory Profishop offers over 800,000 items from over 700 brands which get drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer.


Prontopiso is an online real estate platform that pairs the best technology with the best agents to provide all real estate participants, buyers, owners and agents with the perfect selling experience. Founded by Andrés Pla and Diego Paradinas with the support of Antai Venture Builder in October 2017, it has reached 25 million euros of financing in different financing rounds to boost and consolidate the company’s operations. has become one of the best-known online platforms for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation in the DACH region More than 40,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and large companies use ProvenExpert’s online surveys to collect customer feedback. ProvenExpert helps its customers to harness the power of online customer reviews for your business – and increase visibility, create trust with potential customers and boost sales.


Secucloud is a service provider catering telcos around the world with cloud-based IT security solutions. The state-of-the-art products and services offer an integrated, none-compromise high-end security and performance approach. ECS², the Elastic Cloud Security System, processes internet traffic of an almost infinite number of transactions and protects the end-user’s stationary, as well as mobile devices.


Setting is a decentralized version of “WeWork”.
It offers highly demanded office space whereby start-ups the same as rapidly growing companies can obtain just the right amount of space needed on a flexible time commitment basis. Setting rents spaces only in highly demanded areas on a long-term basis and sub-lends it short-term with substantial premium.


Snubes – Outsourcing Simplified:
Snubes developed the worldwide first call center search engine. The database offers services across all areas- from customer service to telemarketing, live chat, and more. With Snubes you can find the perfect call center in just a few clicks. It’s unique search engine uses an intelligent algorithm to identify, validate and evaluate service providers, leading to major cost savings and better results for companies seeking to outsource their customer or sales support.


Socialwave GmbH provides professional hotspot solutions for hotel, catering, and trading sectors. The Socialwave portal will show them relevant information about their customers and helps them market to their clients in a more effective way. By using the Socialwave WiFi hotspot customers are protected from any legal claims.


Stoyo is the fastest growing advertising agency in Germany and a leader for data-driven creation on Facebook and Instagram. Brands spend billions of dollars every year on the creation of expensive adverts, which often get blocked, skipped, ignored or even hated by their target audience. Consequently brands require even greater spending on distribution. By using social analytics to identify relatable stories and applying rapid prototyping principles in production, Stoyo develops engaging brand communication focusing mainly on “direct to consumer” products and services. Top tier brands globally using stoyo already.


SwissAI’s advanced optimization algorithms based on artificial intelligence, and intuitive user interface assist multinationals as well as other customers from around the globe in planning their mobility and energy investments and operations, delivering better results to customers while reducing operational costs.

TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility is Europe’s leading provider of micro-mobility with a mission to change mobility for good.

The company is a driving force behind the change in the transport sector, which aims to significantly reduce car traffic in cities by providing people with a wide range of electric vehicles.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company has adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework and has set a clear agenda for reducing and offsetting emissions. As a result of these measures, TIER Mobility has been a climate-neutral company since January 2020.


Twingz is a Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam based, real-time predictive analytics solutions specialist. twingz recognizes activities of appliances and machinery by reading meter data feeds of electricity meters and delivers valuable insights to their B2B clients such as insurance and energy companies which in turn deliver to their client bases of SMEs and consumers. Main benefits are fire damage prevention, enabling predictive maintenance and energy saving.


The Ubiq SaaS Platform uses real-time data and insights to maximize fleet utilization and automate fleet operations. It gets rid of the guess-work and helps you get the most out of your fleet by telling you exactly where to position, when to charge, and how to price rides with each vehicle in your fleet.


Volders, a digital contract assistant, helps its user to gain control of his contracts and consequently save time and costs. Thanks to a simple and easy-to-use UI available on all devices, it only takes a few clicks to cancel, extend or change a contract. Volders’ current number of 1.500,000 customers increases by about 40,000 customers each month.


In the mobile games sector, Wagawin belongs to the pioneers in audience targeting and personalized user approach. The holistic approach combines proprietary, data-driven user analysis with ad formats, tailored to the needs of mobile game developers. Wagawin’s technology turns ads in real time into various games, so exposing prospects to the marketing message in a playful way, leading to superior performance of mobile ads.


Wefox operates two businesses:
The Wefox Platform which connects insurance companies to brokers that manage and consult their customers completely digital. Over 300 insurance companies are featured on the marketplace while serving more than 250.000 consumers.
With ONE Wefox established Europa’s first fully digital insurance company that allows customers to receive insurance coverage via their smartphone within minutes. The vision is to create a single protection for all risks in real time based on actually exposed risk.


XignSys is a young startup from the Ruhr area that solves your password problems. For this, they have created XignQR – the Quick Response authentication and signature system. XignSys provides solutions for strong and user-friendly smartphone-based authentication / adaptive multifactor authentication and eIDAS remote signatures with XignQR.


We bring the love to FinTech With our unique card-as-a-service model, end-to-end branded card programs, integrated touchpoint concepts, and lots of data intelligence, we are redefining FinTech. And by uniquely connecting embedded finance with love brands and mega and lifestyle trends, we’re making love brands even more loved and relevant.


YEAY is the leading GenZ (teen) video based commerce platform now launching the WOM token (ICO) to help brands reward (teen) content creators for turning their UGC into shoppable videos.


youtiful is the worlds first climate neutral beauty involvement brand that allows its customers to define the direction of the company and earn a living by recommending our products. Our vision is to positively impact how brands interact in the future with our nature and change people‘s lives by providing attractive income and development opportunities to them.