Screening: Your Deal Flow is high but unfiltered? You don’t always have the resources to check all deals sufficiently? Your Deal Flow partly comes from unknown branches or markets and therefore requires extensive amounts of time for research and market analysis?

ANGELGATE takes care of the screening of startups presented to our members. This includes plausibility checks and a Commercial Due Diligence with the help of distinguished experts. With various expert members, we can assess nearly every relevant branch profoundly.

Access: You don’t have access to Off-Market-Deals? You lack the access to Insider-Networks and renown in order to get invited to take part in great deals outside of your field of core competence? During the Term Sheet negotiations you sometimes lack arguments and leverage to establish ideal conditions for your involvement?

ANGELGATE grants exclusive access to prime deals from our circle of members. Members invest, syndicate and therefore assume a relevant position in the Cap Table. Through that they create possibilities of co-creation in order to perfectly contribute with their network and minimize the risk of failure at the same time.


Expertise: You have an excellent track record and a reliable network but only limited to your industry? Access to new emerging markets/branches and establishing reliable partners to scale promising companies takes a great amount of time and effort.

ANGLEGATE’s select circle of members helps extending their opportunities for action by know-how and insider networks at one stroke. Our preferred partners offer Legal-/Tax Due Diligence, Interim Management, acquistion of subsidies, and many more. Every member brings their own core competence and key questions which enhance our network further.

Networking: You receive enough invitations to networking events. But those events are arbitrary, they lack a personal touch and real added value? 

ANGELGATE organizes three closed shop events every year, where our members can meet like-minded people, successful entrepreneurs and personalities from politics and business in a confidential and relaxed setting.


Infrastructure: You are a member of a Single or Multi Family Office and want to add selective direct investments in promising startups to your portfolio but until now this market is a Black Box for you which stays closed due to high setup and infrastructure costs? 

ANGELGATE acts as your „outsourced“ Private Equity Entity. You invest together with veteran Business Angels in proven companies at the same conditions as the Deal Captain without having to rely on an expensive infrastructure. At the same time you extend your network, bring in your own experience and support the culture of entrepreneurs and startups in Europe.

Fundraising: You are a professional Serial Investor. At every transaction you are always looking for the right co-investors?

ANGELGATE offers you the opportunity to place your own deals in the club as a Deal Captain, if they match our club criteria. That way you save time and pool the members as co-investors behind you, manage the the deal operationally and additionally generate a Carry Split in return.