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Appfor GmbH

Käfer, Do&Co, SIXT are just an excerpt of the reference customers. The event orientated Appfor GmbH offers the best service staff and drivers for events as well as a digitally speedy payroll.
In the first financial year (2017) Appfor generated sales of € 2.2 million and earnings before taxes of € 0.36 million. For 2018 they are aiming sales of € 5.5 million with a profit of € 0.23 million. The reduced profit in 2018 is due to the move to a new office as well as increased personnel costs for the new business segment STAFFCOIN. In 2020 sales of € 15.8 million are expected.



Claim.Capital will open up a new segment in the market for litigation financing  “consumer claims” for the mass market. An intelligent system and algorithm control enables high returns with comparatively low risks – and a quick ROI. By 2023, the acquired capital will finance up to 1,900 litigation transactions with a target turnover of € 4.7 million and a profit of € 1 million in 2023.



VividQ’s holographic software framework is applicable to a variety of applications in digital display. In the short term (0-18 months) it will be used to improve Augmented/Mixed Reality, head-mounted-displays i.e Hololens, Meta etc., in car Heads-Up-Displays (HUDs) to improve driver experience and safety as well as peripheral desktop displays for the entertainment industry.
There is currently no software available on the market that allows for the real-time generation of full 3D diffractive holograms using just standard computing power. VividQ has a wide customer base especially in the US, and is aiming a turnover of £ 2 Mio. in 2018 , and a turnover of £19,7 Mio. as well as a £9,7 Mio. profit in 2020.



Akarion’s Blockchain based GDPR software provides tamper-proof event logging as a robust basis for audits and automated validation of DSGVO activities. The information management system enables requests for information to be processed automatically. The 4-level licensing model makes it scalable to all sizes of a company and can be used in any industry. In particular, the market is being accessed by large accounting firms that are currently seeking for tools to make their work easier. In 2018 a turnover of € 800,000 is planned and in 2020 sales of € 12.8 million and profit of € 9.8 million are expected.



Taledo has built a platform that brings together highly skilled professionals and executives with companies looking to recruit. Companies can use the platform to make direct and non-binding job offers, and candidates can choose to be interviewed. For companies, the search for candidates is shortening from more than four to one month, especially in hard-to-fill jobs. Taledo is planning sales of 29 Mio.€ in 2022, starting with 1,5 Mio€ in 2018.



Libify combines software, service and hardware to create a unique full stack emergency service solution. In the next step Libify will build an AI based platform to identify and serve current and future customer needs. At the end of 2018 Libify is aiming a MRR of 400.000€ and a two digit mio. investment round.



On the back of recent regulatory changes (IDD, MiFiD, GDPR) netinsurer offers advisory software solutions (SaaS model) for all traditional insurance distribution channels, i.e. brokers, banks, agents, tied agents, enabling and facilitating a hybrid/ bionic sales approach as well as digital distribution solutions for insurance companies and multipliers.

Next steps for which they are currently also in active discussions with investors for a bridge and a subsequent institutional round include:

  1. a) geographic expansion (we are already with a head of sales in Germany since beginning of 2018, currently adapting the product in cooperation with one of the largest broker pools (7000 members) for Germany)
  2. b) product development to increase our revenues per user on the distribution side and thereafter
  3. c) data-based products/ analytics backed by the unique data pool we generate as transactional agnostic platform sitting between distribution and insurances.

Last fiscal year (March year end) Netinsurer generated close to EUR 0.5 MM, their contracted MRR is growing over the next months with the ongoing user onboarding process to close to EUR 100k only in Austria.


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